Dwelling in a lofted farmhouse in Laporte, CO, 26 year old Ezra gathers inspiration from the nature she is surrounded by, the pleasures (and struggles) of living a minimalistic lifestyle and finds balance in creation and expression

Born and raised in Northern CO, she has a taste of country living and has also seen all of the changes Colorado has gone through. It's not as simple as a it used to be, but Laporte has what she craves in terms of simplicity. Her music is inspired by the emotions we usually tend to hide, or that society usually dissuades us from expressing. Her lyrics are honest and, at times, gloomy and dark. "The songs I write feel like a window into my heart and mind. It's a beautiful and irreplaceable vulnerability. In this world today, I feel a heaviness for so many people and so many events, and to let it flow through my music is such a relief to me. To create a space where people really think about things--it's the most serene feeling".